Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still traveling on the Global Blog Tour

In my next few blogs I will continue the Global Tour I had mentioned in my earlier blog.
It started in Australia, where a children's book author and illustrator invited a few author/illustrator friends to answer some questions about their upcoming books or recently published books and they in turn asked a few friends and so on.

Today I'm highlighting my friend Erin Eitter Kono. Please go to her link to learn about her new book, CATERINA AND THE PERFECT PARTY coming out in July, published by Dial!

Erin and I met at a conference in Vermont a few years ago and hit it off right away. Usually I'm the only one I know who sketches at meetings. But Erin out-sketched me and I enjoyed watching her magical little mice show up on her notebook as we sat next to each other.

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